Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tune in Tuesday (19) - Concert Edition!

Tune in Tuesday is a weekly music feature hosted by the fabulous Ginger at GReads. As some of you may know, I am ridiculously addicted to music. One of my favorite things to do is share new and favorite songs with anyone willing to listen. Or not so willing. I'm not picky. Anyway... Each week you can post a song and share the love of music.

This month is going to be seriously epic. Why, might you ask? Because it's Concert Edition at Tune in Tuesday, of course! All month long we'll be featuring bands or musicians we've seen or want to see. So link up and join the fun!
This concert edition is dedicated to the bands I was most excited to see... like freakishly excited. Out of all the bands I've seen, I was ridiculously excited to see Anberlin and Relient K! Here are a couple of my favorite tracks from them... plus a Christmas song for fun.

Breathe is very possibly my favorite Anberlin song... it's freakin' amazing. Anberlin is fantastic in concert, by the way. Hmm... I wonder when they'll be in my area again? :)

Okay, so Inevitable might be my favorite too. Actually... now that I think of it, I could probably say all of their songs are my favorite. Anberlin just can't seem to do any wrong when it comes to me. Love them!

Relient K
I have been in love with Relient K for ages, and Must Have Done Something Right is definitely one of their best songs! I pretty much adore all of their songs, too. And this video? It's just too adorable!

Or this one.. hehe. Really, May the Horse Be With You is hilarious. Relient K has some of the funniest, most entertaining songs ever. Not to mention they're super fun and amazing in concert. Gotta love them!

Happy (early) Christmas!


  1. I hadn't heard of either of these bands before and really enjoyed listening to them. Must Have Done Something Right is so cute! And Breathe could possibly be my new favourite song, just sayin'. :D

  2. I love Anberlin- I saw hem in concert a few years back with Taking Back Sunday...they were excellent! I havent heard much Relient K tho I know who they were

  3. @Jennifer - I'm so glad you enjoyed them, you have no idea! :) Thanks!!!

    @Tee - Aren't they amazing?! Anberlin is one of my all-time favorite bands... we're pretty much talking Top 10. Relient K is also amazing. They are SO MUCH FUN! :)

  4. I super love RelientK :] I saw them with my sister 8 years ago and it was a fantastic shoe. Matthew Thiessen even played the xylophone with his teeth :P

  5. @Jasmine - HAHA! That's awesome! I seriously love them, too... they're just so great!


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