Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Val Day!

I know quite a few single people who see Valentine's Day as a day to wear black, grumble about all things love-related and hide away inside their houses waiting for it to end like it's some kind of plague. Some call it Singles Awareness Day. Those from Arizona may celebrate Arizona's birthday/Arizona Statehood Day. I used to be one of those single people who would watch romantic movies or read Jane Austen novels to remind me of how I'll "never have that" or so I can live vicariously through the characters; and then I'd drown my loneliness in Ben & Jerry's. Kind of pathetic, huh?

Though I'm single on this day of love, I don't feel the same way I did a few years ago. Maybe it's because I am no longer surrounded by bitter, single people. Maybe it's simply because I don't think you need a "significant other" to celebrate the wonder of love. I have a wonderful family, adorable pets, fantastic friends and I live in an absolutely gorgeous area of the world. I believe that love is certainly something to celebrate! I still watch romantic comedies and eat sweets - this year it's red velvet cupcakes! - but it's not to wallow in self-pity. I choose to watch romantic comedies because I like them and they always end happy. I love to see people in love. One day, I too shall be in love and then I can do silly romantic things with my very own significant other. Until then, I refuse to be angry or sad on Valentine's Day!

To show how serious I am about actually enjoying Valentines' Day, I've decided to make a playlist dedicated to all things lovey. Enjoy!

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